Exclusive Bonus: The Page 1 Method

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You are about to discover the exact steps to take to ensure that your video gets optimal rankings right out of the gate.

You will also discover techniques to position your link in the description to prevent your videos from being flagged, domain redirecting techniques and YouTube account creation methods to get easy rankings and diversify your income streams!

So let's begin...

Case Study: #1 Ranking in 8 Minutes [Part 1]

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In this video you will discover the first step of the video ranking process which is optimization. There are 2 major components to video optimization which is pre-upload optimization and post-upload optimization. Watch closely because optimization is critical for your videos' ranking potential. Below is a breakdown of key points you must use when optimizing your video for page 1 rankings.

How To Optimize Your Video

Pre-Upload Optimization

● Make sure video is in HD
● Save your video as: Keyword.mp4
● Optimize your video file

More details and images provided in the Training Manual here.

Post-Upload Optimization

Include Keyword In the Following:

● Title (1-2x)
● Description
● Tags

Also include related keywords in description, tags, and title (if possible).

Case Study: #1 Ranking in 8 Minutes [Part 2]

In this video you will discover advanced optimization techniques you can use after your video has been uploaded to YouTube. This may seem simple but it critical in the video ranking process. It will give your video the leverage it needs to easily secure top rankings.

Additional Techniques to Secure

Page 1 Rankings

Setup Advanced Settings:

● Recording location (USA, or target local city if doing local business video)
● Set Recording date (today)
● Set Language (for me it is: English)
● Confirm that it has not aired in a Commercial

Activate Monetization but turn monetization OFF in your video.

This allows for Custom Thumbnail feature.

Keyword optimize your thumbnail and upload to your video.

Use Snipping Tool or Jing to take a picture for a good thumbnail

I hope you've enjoyed the Page 1 Method video training! Make sure to read the training manual for more information.

Take massive action and results will follow!

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