Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been getting a lot of great emails and PMs lately and I am really happy to see how much you are enjoying the course! There are also some common questions that I’d like to answer for you here. Enjoy!

Do you use a different account for each video you create?

I use a separate account per niche. If you want to build an authority channel about Dog Training then you would just need 1 account. But if you are promoting certain products like the iPhone 5 and HCG diet drops then you would want separate accounts.

If you are making multiple channels then I would recommend storing your emails and passwords in an excel file for easy record keeping. I do this and it works great.


Do you buy accounts?

I make the channels myself (like I show in the videos). If there are problems creating the channels then I’ll buy a list of pre-made gmail accounts on Fiverr.

Right now it is not needed since gmail does not require PVAs (phone verified accounts) at the moment. If it ever becomes a problem I’ll let you know of a great source to use.


When using a sub domain can you do www.abc.com/123 ?

Yes, you can do www.abc.com/123 with the Redirection plugin in the resources section. Install that on a wordpress site and you’re good to go with as many www.abc.com/123 and www.abc.com/456 links as you like!


Can I use this method to promote this [insert name here] business?

Absolutely. It’s all about getting traffic from videos which you can use to promote anything!
Follow my tips for keyword research to know your that keyword gets enough traffic and you should be good to go.

In module 1 you’ll want to follow along and use your keyword to do the research.

Also see if there are any keyword variations like [Your Keyword] + review or testimonials. See what kind of traffic your keyword and keyword variations bring in and go from there.


Can you recommend someone on Fiverr to actually make the videos?

I haven’t used anyone on Fiverr to make my videos so I can’t recommend anyone now.

All of my videos have been made by myself or my assistant who I have personally trained. I would recommend making the videos yourself for the first time to know first hand how the process works.

Then after you get the hang of it you can delegate this if you’d like but I wouldn’t recommend buying Fiverr gigs that are Animoto style. Those often times will not last very long.

In my opinion, it is better to spend a little extra time making sure you have a good video before ranking it. It’s better leverage.

All your efforts ranking your video could be gone if you have a spammy video that gets flagged. But if you have a quality video that is unique and provides some value then the chances of it staying there are greater which means more money in the end!

Outsourcing video creation is something I wouldn’t recommend for those getting started with this method. You’ll want to see what works and how it works, first hand, before delegating.

When you feel comfortable in the process then you can train others to do the process on places like oDesk if you’d like. But I strongly suggest going through it yourself first, before trying to explain it to others.

It makes it a lot more easier and effective.

What is 1and1.com and how do I redirect?

1and1.com is site where you can buy domains. From there you can set one up with a hosting company if you want a site but
you don’t need hosting if you do a redirect.

With 1and1 you can do a simple redirect of your domain which is also called forwarding. It can be done in the “manage domain” section.

If you have further questions with 1and1 then you can call their great customer support and they’ll answer all your questions about setting up your domain.

You can forward your visitors to your affiliate site like I showed throughout the course. Just use a redirect so your link is not directly from the affiliate network. Make sense?

You will be quickly flagged if your link is: http://maxbounty.com/affilateoffer229482
But you can use the same link to set redirect to your URL: GetAFreeiPhone5.com

Looks a lot better, gets better conversions, and your less likely of being flagged. ๐Ÿ™‚

Does your method still work with Google’s algorithm changes?

Yes, and this is exactly what got me into video marketing. With video marketing it is so much easier than website SEO and you don’t have to worry about all penalties like you normally would.

You don’t have to worry about Google’s trust factors like you would a website, because you’ll be using YouTube which has a PR 9 and is owned by Google. ๐Ÿ™‚

I use everything I teach and it works out great. It’s exactly what gvies me the results I showed.